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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

#021 The Story Of Bog High And Dicky Low

Once there lived a very tall man. His name was Bob High. Bob was taller than his father and his older brothers. He was the tallest man in his village.

One day, while he was walking with some of his friends, he saw a very short man. Though the man looked old, he was no taller than a boy of 9.

He was unusually and exceptionally short. He was the shortest man Bob and his friends had ever seen.

Though he was short, he was very intelligent. His name was Dicky Low. Dicky was shorter than any of his friends but more intelligent than all of them. He was known in his village as the most intelligent and quick-witted man and, of course, the shortest.

After they greeted each other, Bob said, “I don’t think you can reach the tip of my nose with your fingers, you’re so short, Dicky Low. But if you can, I’ll give you $20.”

Dicky thought for a while the said, “Certainly, I can. I’m positively and absolutely sure. It’s no problem at all. I have to admit that I’m short and I’m not denying that fact, but my hands are longer than yours. If you can touch my toes with your hands I’ll give you this 10 dollar bill right away.”

The tall man burst into laughter and stopped and slowly to touch the short man’s toes. At the moment, Dicky grabbed Bob’s nose and said calmly, “I may be short but I know how to use my brain better than you. Please, give me the money you promised.”

After receiving the money, Dicky Low walked off in the direction of the village market. Amazed and dumb-founded, Bob and his friends watched him go.

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Author: Unknown

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